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Our Values

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We are committed to being grateful, to not getting comfortable, to allowing God to keep us on our toes and ready for whatever He has. It is so easy to get lulled into complacency. For staff, every working day comes with its regular problems and it’s easy to fall victim to a weekly routine that simply maintains the status quo.

There is a tension that exists between maintaining the standards and expectations for every day, whilst also creating space to dream and develop... and, dare I say, allowing God to speak to us. There is no work that is exclusively "spiritual" any more than work that is only "profane".

But, more than just becoming complacent to routine, the intention of this staff value is to zero in on our hearts. We get to be a part of the amazing work that God is doing through this place. We get to give the best part of our day and earn our living by creating environments where lives are changed! That’s a big deal!
Keeping that perspective fresh for our team is important to our health as workers in God's field. No matter how great the stories of life change may be, they can easily get lost among the numerous tasks that we have to accomplish every week.

We are passionate about the development and empowerment of people. We believe that Radio ESO is an organization that is led by a small group of staff who equip people and empower them to take hold of their own destiny.

We believe that Radio ESO is one of the greatest opportunities for people to discover their gifts and put them into practice. As staff, we have the tremendous blessing of seeing people uncover their gifts and thrive in using them to serve others. A large majority of people don’t get to utilize their gifts and talents in the workplace and we want to do everything we can to allow them to use those gifts for their own spiritual, economic and social development.

We believe in doing whatever it takes.

Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation.

We pull off a lot with a little, which is driven by a spirit of “whatever it takes”.

This value does not mean working our staff to exhaustion, but doing our part in the work with passion and allowing God to do the rest.

We are determined to protect our relationships with one another by “believing the best” of each other within the team. This is one of our favourite staff values and also one of the most difficult ones. The relational health of a team will make or break an organization and, rest assured, the enemy is looking for ways to sever the trust and unity of a strong team.

Believing the best” involves choosing to believe what is most true about one another. Essentially, we’ve challenged each other not to jump to wrong conclusions, but to extend the benefit of the doubt and give grace for moments of misunderstanding or gaps of information. “Believing the best” does not mean ignoring sin or avoiding healthy confrontation (along the lines described in Matthew 18). It just means extending grace and love that honours God.

We are serious about understanding our passion and purpose and living that out every day. We all should show love and play our rôle in contributing to making the organization function. Once on staff, however, there is this dangerous tendency for us to start limiting where and how we’ll serve. We can easily drift to an attitude where we’ll only contribute if it’s part of our job description.

This staff value reminds us to “own it” – all of it. God has given us a massive opportunity to be a part of this, and we’re blessed to earn a pay cheque in the process.

To “own it” means:

  • Know who you are and how God has gifted you and bring it to the table EVERY DAY!
  • Embrace the vision of the organization and pursue it with us in a radical way.
  • Take responsibility; if you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don’t ever give into the complacent attitude that it’s “someone else’s job”.
  • Don’t get settled; God has given us a massive opportunity and responsibility. Don’t take it for granted.

We are committed to the power of honest, intentional communication.

We use this value to help us operate from the perspective of these three questions:

  • What am I doing that needs to be shared?
  • Who needs to know?
  • How do I need to make sure they receive the information?

We are putting our trust in God to do something that we cannot do on our own!

We dare to ask God for the impossible. This reminds us that it is all in God’s hands and we must not allow our human limitations to limit what God can do through us if we’re obedient and available to Him. At the end of the day, it all belongs to God. We are just stewards. We don’t want to ever forget that!

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