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Although Radio ESO was founded by Pastor Daniel Narcisse who had the vision, it belongs to the Église Protestante Évangelique (EPE). It has its own statutes and internal regulations, being led by a general assembly with a board of nine members and an executive director.

The General Assembly holds its meetings once a year, while the Board holds meetings every four months of the year.

Radio ESO has twelve full-time workers with a full range of more than fifteen part-time people helping to run the programme.





It has over 1.3 million listeners in Burkina Faso and beyond (in Ghana and the Ivory Coast).

It broadcasts fourteen hours a day, from Monday to Sunday, in ten languages: Lhoron, Kansa, Dian, Dioula, Lobiri, Dagara, Moore, Fulfulde, French and English.

Its equipment and facilities include a production studio and broadcasting studio; a 1,000 watt transmitter with a broadcasting range of about 70km.
The broadcast frequency is 99.7 MHz FM.

A new radio station has been built in Batie, about 75 km from Gaoua, but is not yet able to function for lack of funds.



The main topics for programmes are the Christian Gospel, health and agriculture, but the station also touches on community initiatives such as youth ministry, childrens' marriage, child trafficking, female genital mutilation, pregnancy amongst children, children working in mines, draught mitigation, helping school students prepare for exams, womens' ministry and raising money for AIDS support.

In evangelism, as a result of Radio ESO activities, seventeen local churches have been planted, all run now by pastors and countless people have had their lives transformed by the gospel.

As result of our social work, the government of our country has awarded the station with two decorations for good work. 

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