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Our aims and objectives


We want to communicate an integral gospel via the radio for the transformation of all humanity in all its dimensions (body, souls and spirit), in order to see a more equitable and just society.



Our mission is to work with all communities by communicating to them the values of equity, justice and empowerment through: the production and dissemination of programs relevant to the development field; the support and support of NGOs and development actors; the evangelization of unreached peoples to the building and unity of the body of Christ; the promotion of local values and knowledge within our range.




We have the following specific objectives:

  • To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the populations in the South-West;
  • To reach the unreached peoples in the South-West of Burkina by church planting;
  • To build up Christians from all denominations spiritually by mobilizing and uniting them in prayer;
  • To raise awareness of problems in development by education and information aimed at sustainable human development;
  • To counsel and support NGOs and regional development actors in their efforts to raise awareness and to mobilize the population in the area of development;
  • To contribute to integrated, sustainable and participative development among the populations through supportive actions in South-Western Burkina Faso and by strengthening the evangelizing work of churches using radio.


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