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Human rights
Children's rights:
  • fight against trafficking and worst forms of child labour;
  • against girls' excision;
  • Psycho-social care of HIV / AIDS orphans and vulnerable children;
  • Reintegration of orphans and vulnerable children. 
Womens' rights in general:
  • Fight against female genital mutilation;
  • Women, HIV and AIDS issue;
  • Women, politics and democracy;
  • Women, inheritance, land ownership.
Promotion of Justice and Peace
  • Advocacy for the disabled and marginalized group;
  • Awareness in conflict prevention;
  • Negotiation and mediation in case of conflict;
  • Counselling couples;
  • Counselling on matters of incompatibility of temperaments.
Promotion of good governance and democracy
  • Good governance (local and national);
  • Fight against corruption;
  • The question of democracy.

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