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Promotion of Human Rights

Promotion of Human Rights

Children's rights:
  • fight against trafficking and worst forms of child labour;
  • against girls' excision;
  • Psycho-social care of HIV / AIDS orphans and vulnerable children;
  • Reintegration of orphans and vulnerable children. 

Health Promotion

Health Promotion

A family cannot be economically healthy if it is not physically healthy. Radio ESO focuses its actions on women and children who are often the most vulnerable to disease and malnutrition. So Radio ESO works in creating awareness for people of medical services in the following areas:

  • Nutrition;
  • Pre-natal medical visits, reproductive health, birth planning, and childbirth;
  • HIV / AIDS (prevention screening, treatment of STIs, Management of PLHIV, AIDS and Counselling;
  • Psycho-social load;
  • Training;
  • Screening;
  • The fight against tuberculosis and other epidemics.

Promotion of Environmental Issues

Promotion of environmental issues

The environment must be preserved at all costs for present and future generations. We are fighting for its preservation the areas of:

  • Hygiene, water and sanitation;
  • Climate change;
  • Management in case of disasters and disasters.

Promotion of Good Governance and Democracy

Advocacy for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

No sustainable development can be done in a climate of conflict. Radio ESO works for reconciliation between communities divided by ethnic issues; between rich and poor, oppressors and oppressed. It is committed to the fight against social injustice and human rights (especially those of women and children) and to advocacy for good governance.

Promotion of Formal and Non-formal Education

Promotion of formal and non-formal education
  • Radio ESO is dedicated to encouraging formal and non-formal education (literacy) for women and children in difficult circumstances.
  • Experience shows that educated people have families with greater health and learning potential.

Mission and Evangelism

Mission and Evangelism
  • Reaching unfulfilled peoples with a holistic gospel through evangelistic campaigns;
  • Educating Christians in different churches through the Community and Church Mobilization Process by Bible studies and training on some modules.




Our Team

Daniel Narcisse Kambou is the Chief Executive Officer.

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Hien Ivonne Kambou is the secretary and cashier.

Secretary and Cashier

Hollo Da is a technician.